THE BOOTH: The year is 2030. A distopian sci-fi scenario. Published in "Humanist In Canada" magazine and the online magazine "Storylink".

THE MODULARI: Spiritual master Saturno di Roma must move an entire world's inhabitants to another world due to an imminent cosmic storm. The most difficult race proves to be the Modulari.

IN ALL BEAUTY: Robert Marks meets Tommy, a very ususual young man.

THE ARRIVAL: This is a story about a failed detective, an alien fugitive, the alien detective sent to find him, and the Sephiroth (commonly known as gods).

PRAHLADA: Reminiscences of the aging king Prahlada on the death of his father years earlier by the Lion-Man incarnation of Vishnu, Nrisimhadeva.

KISMET: Set in WWII, this is a long short story of Italian military officer and mystic Saturno di Roma.

THE DELIVERY BOY: Is the delivery boy from Krishna's Pizza really Krishna Himself?

HAKIM: The Princess and the Genie weren't Aladdin's only friends. An unusual love story.

THE DEITY: The only one who seems to be able to help recently deceased stockbroker Tom Bradley is a drunk who claims to be a god. (Made into a radio play and broadcasted at various Canadian university radio stations.)

THE TORTURER: Hell's gullet is choked with the souls of bigots and morons. Find out why. A reporter gets a unique inside view.

EMMANUELLE: Sri Aurobindo's prophecy is fulfilled. The Supramental Being has come.

THE CAT WITH THE HAT: Like Mary Poppins, was Dr. Seuss's cat based on a real human personality?

BROOKLYN: With characters based on the animated TV series "Gargoyles". A young male gargoyle finds love--with a human male!

ELONGATED MAN/RALPH AND RICHARD: A possible origin of one of DC Comics's most unusual super heroes.

THE RAVER: An erotic dream scenario. Published in the online magazine "Storylink".

THE NEW MAN: Based on the doubtful but intriguing idea by Linden Larouche that some of the British nobility were vampires, the story is set in an indeterminate time. A young Irish emigré meets a very strange couple due to a carriage breakdown enroute to London.

THE LOVE OF GOD: A childhood friend of Krishna confesses--now an adult--that he has been in love with him for many years. Just what does Krishna--an incarnation of God--do?

THE WRINGER: A young man purchases a Victorian-style wringer which can flatten more than clothes.

A MERCHANT OF VENICE: A short story about obsession and its consequences.

IMMIGRANT: A young gay man finds out a bum on the street who he befriends is really Plastic Man!

AND IN FAIR OLYMPUS: Mr. Prince, a mysterious personality, recruits Colleen, a girl who has acquired elastic powers, to aid him in a strange mission.

MI BEMOL: A gay male flattening transformationist befriends a boy on the verge of his teen years with unexpected results.

SEAN AND ELIZABETH: Elizabeth, a girl who has acquired elastic powers, feels doomed to a life of solitude. Until she meets Sean.

A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME: Prequel to "Stretch". Jeff finds a secret admirer. Both find transformation of different kinds.


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